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Welcome to Jayelle Cochran's official author page!

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Jayelle Cochran is an Independent Author and Artist who primarily writes in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. She will, on occasion, also write post-apocalyptic and more traditional fantasy stories. Her worlds, while fantastical, still hold a sense of realism. After all, just because a world has magic, elves and dragons, advanced technology, or aliens, does not mean that the laws of physics and nature don't apply. Instead they're tweaked slightly to allow such elements to fit the world. The end results are captivating and engaging worlds for you to explore and enjoy.

Her artwork consists of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and photo manipulation. Novel covers are another specialty of hers and she will do them for fellow authors as well.

New Release!

Sarah's Nightmare
A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 3

On the run from brainwashed terrorists, a young woman learns that her nightmares are more than mere dreams.
A mysterious past...

When Sarah was a toddler, her parents found her in a Gutter alley with severe burns and speaking an unknown language. With no money for doctors and no way to know where she was from, they sought help from Vincent Vinachelli. The Highborn agreed, and even had papers drawn up so she could legally be theirs to raise, but only if Sarah joined the Supernatural Underground Movement when she turned seventeen.

On the run with nowhere to turn...

Not wanting to be a terrorist or criminal, Sarah runs from the movement at the first chance she gets. Injured and suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, she meets Charlie and her aunt, Mae. They take Sarah home and together Mae and Charlie help the frightened young woman to heal from the damage SUM had caused her mind. Little do they know that other escaped operatives are looking for Sarah as hard as the movement itself.

Without adequate training and the movement hard on her trail, will this powerful young woman be able to survive, or is the war between SUM and the government something she can't escape?

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