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The government portrays all born with a power as a danger to society and national securty. They work hard to convince the general public that Parnormals must be destroyed and Supernaturals must be captured for the safety of all mundanes. Little do they know that a movement grows among the very supernaturals they fear.

Tired of dangerous experiments, illegal arrests, and unjust persecution, the supernatural community decides that enough is enough! The opportunity they've waited for has arrived. With the aid of Salvina 'Sal' Vinachlli, the prodigal daughter of the mob boss who started the movement, Supernaturals and Paranormals shall take justice and revenge into their own hands. But, there are deep dark secrets the Vinachellis doesn't want anyone to know, least of all their own operatives.

A midst the chaos that has gripped their continent, a group of Supernaturals and Paranormals have come together with one goal: SURVIVE! Hunted by both sides of the war, they will stop at nothing to shield one another with the aid of the very powers the government deplores. With no home to return to, the government and terrorists after them, and a continent at war...do they even stand a chance?

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“We supernaturals aren’t as rare as the government wants everyone to believe. My father spent a great deal of his life organizing the network. His businesses, both criminal and legitimate, helped to fund the whole thing. After he was assassinated, I picked up where he left off. This war was planned before we were born, Sadie. It’s the only way we can all be free. All I’m doing is ensuring that my father's life work comes to fruition. Don’t worry your pretty head about the details.”

Salvina Vinachelli in Sadie's War: A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 1

“Tara, SUM isn't exactly as new as most operatives are led to believe. My uncle officially started the movement, but our family has been running smaller organizations such as this one for ages. SUM is the culmination of them all. This war was planned when my grandfather was my age and my cousin felt it was her duty to see it through.”

Nathaniel Vinachelli in Tara's Escape: A Supernatural Uprisng Novel: Book 2

“No one, especially someone so young, shoud have to fear for their lives like that. I've felt a lot of heartache working at the clinic and I've seen people hurt or terrified more than is right. But...this Supernatural army you speak of...it's the first time I ever felt such fear myself. The idea that they would force you to work for them. It makes me wonder who else they've taken. Who else have they forced to work for them? How many innocent people were turned into something horrible simply to fight the government in this war?”

Dr. Mayvin McSwain in Sarah's Nightmare: A Supernatural Uprisng Novel: Book 3

Sadie's War
A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 1

A blind traumatized teen learns of love, and becomes the catalyst for a revolution.
Abandoned by her parents to live on the streets...

Sadie never knew kindness without first paying a terrifying price. The lessons from her childhood fuel a paranoia that makes it impossible to trust anyone, or accept their help. That all changes when she meets Fester, a young man with his own painful past. After he saves her from freezing to death, Sadie realizes that she must learn how to trust another if she wants to live; a feat that is easier said than done.

Meanwhile, a war is brewing...

For decades the supernaturals have been plotting their revolt against a tyrannical government that exploits them. After using her own supernatural power against an attacker, Sadie and her friends soon find themselves in the government's cross-hairs. To survive, they are forced to team up with a criminal who has plans for Sadie and wishes to ignite the war.

Can two traumatized teens find a way to save one another against the impossible odds stacked against them, or will this war lead to their destruction?
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Tara's Escape
A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 2

Marked for death since birth for the power she wields, a psychic spy learns that freedom is an illusion worth fighting for!
A past riddled with pain...

From her abusive father to government scientists that performed sadistic experiments on her, Tara never had the love and protection of a family that accepted her as one of their own. A fighter since birth, she excapes the scientists only to become caught in the web of a criminal family and their militaristic underground movement. Tara believes their offer to be her salvation and becomes devoted to the cause. It isn't long before her fellow operatives, and their combined efforts to free those the government holds captive, fills a hole within her that had been left vacant in her childhood.

In a quest to free her people, a spy becomes a slave...

A mission gone wrong earns Tara a position of honor within the movement; One of the prominent leaders of the Vinachelli family saves Tara's life by claiming her as his personal operative. When her new position includes recruiting her long lost brother to hunt a traitor, Tara realizes that her choices cost more than her own precious freedoms.

The time has come for Tara to decide if the man who has earned her loyalty is a man she can trust, or does the insanity of the Vinachelli line run in his veins too?
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Sarah's Nightmare
A Supernatural Uprising Novel: Book 3

On the run from brainwashed terrorists, a young woman learns that her nightmares are more than mere dreams.
A mysterious past...

When Sarah was a toddler, her parents found her in a Gutter alley with severe burns and speaking an unknown language. With no money for doctors and no way to know where she was from, they sought help from Vincent Vinachelli. The Highborn agreed, and even had papers drawn up so she could legally be theirs to raise, but only if Sarah joined the Supernatural Underground Movement when she turned seventeen.

On the run with nowhere to turn...

Not wanting to be a terrorist or criminal, Sarah runs from the movement at the first chance she gets. Injured and suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, she meets Charlie and her aunt, Mae. They take Sarah home and together Mae and Charlie help the frightened young woman to heal from the damage SUM had caused her mind. Little do they know that other escaped operatives are looking for Sarah as hard as the movement itself.

Without adequate training and the movement hard on her trail, will this powerful young woman be able to survive, or is the war between SUM and the government something she can't escape?

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